Multipurpose Pasteuriser Units


Multipurpose Pasteuriser Units

The Multipurpose Milk Pasteuriser Unit based on heat treatment technology and has a complete hygienic design to give the final output. It can be customized to suit varied capacity and a special provision for future capacity expansion is an additional advantage.

It is Unit suitable for Pasteurizing multiple products like milk, curd milk, paneer milk etc. in a single Pasteurizer is the highlight of our innovative and highly efficient product, the Multipurpose Pasteurizer. customization in terms of capacity, size etc.

Technical Features
  • Capacities ranging from 500 to 5,000 l/h
  • Flow variation during CIP/Pasteuriser
  • Temperature control within+/-0.5 Deg C
  • Automatic control of pasteurisation temperature & Automatic flow diversion
  • Homogeniser
  • Semi-Automatic & Automatic Control system
  • PID / PLC Controller
  • Hot Water Modules
  • Skid-mounted for flexible relocation.
  • Fully CIP prepared.
  • Customised service and maintenance agreements.
  • Milk Pasteurisation
  • Curd Milk Pasteurisation
  • Paneer Milk Pasteurisation

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